Garfield Drag Scrapers are great for touch up and limited land leveling. They work great for short haul projects, smoothing, and small jobs that do not justify the expense of an Ejection Scraper. We offer these scrapers in a variety of sizes and 4 distinct models. Whatever your scraping job, we have a scraper to fit your needs


     Model   Blade Approx   Capacity     Recommended  Tire Size
Size Weight Yards HP Rear
GDST6 6 ft 1282 lbs 1-1/4 yds 35-50 11LX15
GDST8 8 ft 1468 lbs 1-3/4 yds 50 11LX15
GDST10 10 ft 1700 lbs 2-1/4 yds 75-90 11LX15
GDST12 12 ft 2021 lbs 3 yds 75-100WF Duals 11LX15
GDST14 14 ft 2178 lbs 3-1/4 yds 100+ WF Duals 11LX15